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Murder at Madeline Island

An Emily Swift Travel Mystery

When travel writer Emily Swift agrees to join her boyfriend Chet for a romantic getaway on Madeline Island, she has no idea she will end up accused of murder.  But that’s what happens when she finds a dead lawyer stashed in an abandoned refrigerator.

Who could have killed him? Could the fact that he was on the island to help Chet’s grandmother rewrite her will be a motive? Chet’s family is outraged by a will that excludes them unless they find Gram’s Ojibway half-brother.  But surely they aren’t angry enough to kill.  Or are they?

When everyone on the island assumes that Emily and Chet are engaged and the victim’s blood stains are found in her car, she quickly becomes the prime suspect.

Can Emily clear herself and solve the case in time to prevent the killer from striking again? Or will her sleuthing lead her into a new romance and even greater danger?

Find out in Murder on Madeline Island.

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In Murder at Madeline Island, I enjoyed discovering such a wonderful destination and Emily’s adventures as she discovers the truth about–well, no spoilers here! But it was so much to read. I can’t wait for the next book in the series!

Katy Miketic

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