A Killing in the Cotswolds Now Available on Amazon

It’s springtime in England and travel writer Emily Swift is writing about cozy Cotswold villages, prehistoric Avebury and Shakespeare’s hometown, Stratford upon Avon.

But when a politician is found dead in a cozy country inn with snakes slithering about him, she and Jack Flynn are drawn into a murder investigation. Who could have killed him? An actor with a talent for deception?  A schoolmaster forced out of a job after a mysterious death? A tour guide at Warwick Castle who is bent on revenge?

Jack (Think Tommy and Tuppunce) warns Emily to stay away from a killer who has attack snakes at his disposal.  But how can she resist the plea of her childhood friend to save an innocent woman from prosecution?

Emily must use all her reporter’s skills to solve the mystery. By the time she realizes who the killer is, Emily is in deadly danger. 

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