The Grande Royale Hotel. In this gorgeous sitting room with its ornately carved ceiling, marble fireplace and Venetian glass chandeliers, Emily felt as if she were staying in a royal palace instead of a London hotel.
Lilly Langty: A full-length portrait of a beatiful woman in a long white gown dominated the room.
Fireplace at Grande Royale. Back at the Grand Royale Hotel, Emily joined Jack who was settled on the leather sofa reading “The Tatler.”


Piano at Fortnum and Mason. “That afternoon when Emily stepped off the elevator at Fortnum and Mason, the famous London department store, she heard piano music, appropriately enough, ‘Tea for Two'”
Tea at Fortum and Mason: Ravenous as she was, Emily was delighted by the teatime treat Vanessa had chosen.
Queen Victoria.
Yesterday afternoon she and Jack walked …,past the statue of Queen Victoria, who stared down at visitors with regal eyes, and through the garden where tiny spring flowers bloomed.


Flower Stall. During their surprisingly long walk, Emily’s attempts to draw out her friend continued to be unsuccessful


The Churchill Arms. On the corner across the street, the Union Jack flew above The Churchill Arms, a pub made festive by hanging baskets of flowers and ferns.


Dining Room at Churchill Arms.
The host led them to the back room where ferns and flowering tropical plants hung from the ceiling, creating a dense, jungle atmosphere. “It’s gorgeous,” Emily said.