Questions for Book Groups

Here are some questions to start your group off on a discussion of A Killing in the Cotswolds.

What did you think of the services Vindi Cat offered? Helpful? Dangerous?

Was there ever a time when you would have liked to seek a service like those of Vindi Cat?

Many characters in the novel had suffered grief and loss at some point in their lives. Who coped with sorrow best? Who the least well?  Why?

What is the theme of A Killing in the Cotswolds?

Did the Cotswolds seem like an area of England you would like to visit? What made it appealing?

What was your favorite destination that Emily visited?

What was your impression of Avebury? Were you interested in its history and/or its spiritual significance to some people today?

How did Avebury help Fiona cope with her grief?

What did Emily learn in the course of the novel?

What did you think of Emily as a character?

What did you think of her relationship with Jack?

When did you guess who the killer was?