Tea at Badger’s Hall: Lovely as teatime is in London, you may find it even more delightful in the countryside.
Broadway Tower: Traveler’s Tip: You may wish to start your hike through the Cotswolds by visiting Broadway Tower, the Cotswolds’ highest peak.
St. James Church: Emily and Jack walked to the end of High Street and through a tree-lined lane to St. James Church, as magnificent as a cathedral.
Lucy’s Tea Room: Emily drove past the police station and up to Lucy’s Tea Room, a stone building with a bow window, round as a cake, trimmed in white.
Arlington Row, Bibury: Traveler’s Tip: Bibury is well worth a visit to see the Arlington Row of gabled stone cottages where weavers once made cloth for the Arlington Mill.
Stratford Upon Avon: As Emily gazed at the half-timbered buildings and crooked streets, she could picture this town in Elizabethan England, not so very different from now
The Garrick: The Garrick, the oldest pub in a very old town, was half timbered, dark and cozy. In the back room, Jack ordered them each a glass of wine.
Shakespeare’s Birthplace:  When you visit Shakespeare’s Birthplace, you’ll feel as if you’ve stepped back in time; Will might walk in at any minute and join you.
William Shakespeare: Emily was amazed that she was actually in the same room where Shakespeare drew his first breath and was treading on boards where he had once walked.
Way to Warwick Castle: Emily and Jack walked through a tunnel of branches that twined into an archway overhead, then crossed a bridge over a grassy moat and finally reached the castle.
Warwick Castle: Emily’s heart thrilled when she looked up at the stone towers and turrets. The castle brought back memories of her favorite childhood stories about knights, chivalry, heroism and honor.
Anne Hathaway’s Cottage: So, Emily and Jack headed to Anne Hathaway’s Cottage, a charming thatch roofed farmhouse, timber framed in the Tudor style.
Bust of the Bard: “It was made from his death mask, so it shows him as he really looked – a fine looking man even in death.” Emily thought he looked too ordinary. She would have preferred a more dashing countenance.
Avebury Emily drew in her breath at the sight of huge lichen-covered rocks arranged in a vast circle spanning both sides of the road.