Resources for Book Groups


Discussion Points and Questions

Talk about the importance of family loyalty to the characters.

What images support that theme?

How does the fact that the action occurs on an island affect the plot?

What is the significance of the story Jack tells about the little Indian children who are sacrificed?

Are there any similarities between Gram’s Ojibway and Hamilton relatives?

Did you think Chet and Emily were incompatible?

What was the turning point in Emily’s feelings for Chet?

What did you think of Chet’s reaction at the end?

What qualities appeal to you in Emily?  Is she a strong heroine?

What did you think of Gram?  Is she a sympathetic character?

Could you tell who the killer was before Emily figured it out?  When?  How?

After reading the novel, did you want to go to Madeline Island?  Why?  What locations seemed most appealing?

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