You Can Still Listen to Books and Brews


Laura Vosika, Michael Agnew and Lorrie Holmgren taping “Books and Brews”

If you missed hearing me talk about Murder on Madeline Island on “Books and Brews” on Sunday, you can still listen to the program at  Books and Brews

You’ll hear me talk with  Laura Vosika, author of the popular Blue Bells Trilogy, and with Michael Agnew, craft beer expert about Murder on Madeline Island, an Emily Swift Travel Mystery. And you’ll find how Michael found a link between four delicious beers and the history of Madeline Island.

You can also read about some of the ideas Laura and I talked about during the program and our post-show reactions.

One of the many topics we discussed was the theme of loyalty.  When Laura asked me how that idea was developed in Murder on Madeline Island, I said that the idea of conflicting loyalties is interesting to me.  People may be loyal to their immediate family, their team, their employer, or the larger community and their sense of right and wrong.   But what if these loyalties come in conflict?   How do they decide?  Where do they draw the line?  In Murder on Madeline Island, Emily realizes how loyal Chet is to his family. But she wonders if it would lead him to cover up a murder or hide the truth from himself?