Broadway Tower is Sinister Setting for Mysteries

While catching up on an old “Father Brown” mystery on PBS, I was surprised to see that the exciting climax was set at Broadway Tower where Emily and Jack look for clues in A Killing in the Cotswolds.  When amateur sleuth and travel writer, Emily Swift is asked to meet a murder suspect at the tower, she says, “Any mystery reader will tell you that agreeing to meet a suspected killer in a remote location is going to end badly.”

“Oh, Emily. You must know Sophie wouldn’t harm a fly,” her friend assures her.

“Actually, I don’t know that,” Emily says.

So, readers, what do you think?  Does Emily go to Broadway Tower to interview the suspect?  Or does she prudently stay away?

A Killing in the Cotswolds is the third novel in the Emily Swift Travel Mystery series, published by Cozy Cat Press.