Tune in to Hear Me on “Books and Brews”


I’m delighted to have the opportunity to be a guest on Books and Brews on Sunday, May 28 at 10 am on 950 AM Progressive Radio.  I’ll be talking with Laura Vosika, author of the popular Blue Bells Chronicles, and with Michael Agnew, craft beer expert about Murder on Madeline Island, an Emily Swift Travel Mystery.

Pairing beers with stories and poems is a great idea.  I like beer; I like books.  Combining them should work.  I can’t wait to hear what beers Michael will pick to complement Murder on Madeline Island.

In the novel, travel writer Emily Swift occasionally enjoys a beer at Tom’s Burnt Down Café where she runs into the charming nephew of the main suspect in a murder that has occurred on the island. (Emily found the body).

This is a book to read on a summer day after you’ve been working hard, mowing the grass or biking around the lake. Then it’s time to take a break, relax in the hammock with a good mystery and an ice cold beer. (I bet Michael is going to tell me it shouldn’t be ice cold.  We’ll see.)

I’m really looking forward to meeting Laura Vosika.  Her website is absolutely wonderful , filled with gorgeous photos of Scotland, Celtic myths and lore and information about her very popular Blue Bells Chronicles. (My husband is a descendant of the Comyns on his mother’s side so I was especially interested in seeing a story about that clan.)

You can visit Laura’s Blog to listen to it and catch up on the earlier radio programs in this series, which are excellent.